Frequently Asked Questions:

 Where could I use glass art?     
  • Front Doors
  • Sidelights
  • Transoms and Room dividers
  • Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Mirrors
  • Various lights such as Pool table lights, lamps and other lights
  • Sports and business awards
  • Business signs
  • Skylight covers
  • Where ever you need beautiful glass!

What kind of applications can Cutting Edge Glass work on?

We can work on projects in your home, church and business.  Call us and we'd be happy to discuss your project ideas or needs!


 Can stained glass be made according to my needs, such as size, shape, and pattern?

Yes, we can make many sizes and shapes for windows and other glass that are original.  We also offer the option of our panels being weather proof. 

 How long can I expect that my order will take?

Most jobs are completed within 4 weeks (or less). Large windows or orders for multiple windows may take slightly longer.

 Can I measure my existing window, door, cabinet, etc. for the stained glass window or insert   I will be purchasing?

You can measure your window, however to ensure the highest quality fit, Cutting Edge Glass and Frame will come on site and measure at no extra charge.

 Can a stained glass window meet building codes?

Yes, we offer an insulation service for any window we build.  This will make the stained glass window not only meet building codes and provide weatherproofing, it will allow the window to be installed by the contractor of your choice.

Can a stained glass window be an exterior window?

Yes.  The traditional way uses a cement or putty to make a single pane window.  Although we can offer this, we prefer to make an insulated unit.  This makes a triple pane unit that has clear glass on either side of the stained glass piece.  This makes it easy to install, clean and helps to protect the stained glass from the weather and other damage.